Knitting Set: The Market Socks

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Included in the set are:

✓ 50 grams of Fluff by Modus Intarsia // 70% Chiengora® + 30% German Alpaca.

✓ 100 grams Nord Yarn by Raincloud & Sage // 70% Merino + 30% East Frisian Milk Sheep

✓ Instructions for digital download

German virgin wool meets fluffy soft Chiengora®. We teamed up with the awesome sustainable knitting label Raincloud & Sage to create Market Socks.

Both materials were sourced and processed in Germany. So the socks are not only beautiful, but also sustainable and regional without compromise.

// about the socks

The combination of a thin merino yarn and a soft, warm and fluffy Chiengora yarn on the bottom of the feet make the socks an all-rounder and your favorite winter companion.

// technical details

For the mode stitch tutorial, go this way:

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