Knitting Pattern // The Market Socks

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✓ for advanced knitters: inside

✓ The model was knitted with our fluff 

✓ Available in different sizes and as a bundle for digital download

// About the knitting pattern

Imagine you go shopping in the market or you are on a long winter walk and your feet stay cozy and warm all the time. You are lying in bed and your feet are well warmed. Chiengora® (dog wool) is up to 80% warmer than sheep's wool. That is why it is only partially used in these socks on the lower part of the foot. According to the design motto “Form follows function”.

The combination of a thin merino thread and a soft, warm and fluffy Chiengora yarn on the underside of the feet make the socks an all-rounder and your favorite companion in winter. 

// Technical knowledge (video explanation in the instructions)

right & purl stitches | Italian cast on | Stitch decrease | Coping heel | Invisible seam | Mode mesh

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