Chiengora® Scarf handwoven

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✓ Noble: high quality appearance & durable design.

✓ Lightweight and soft

✓ warming

✓ exclusive processing in a Berlin hand weaving mill

✓ regional from the fiber to the processing

The entire supply chain of this high-quality scarf is located within Germany. Starting with the raw material of the wool, to the spinning in a small spinning mill in East Germany, the quality control and the processing of the yarn on old traditional looms. Handmade in a small Berlin manufactory.

Timeless colors, timeless design and ideal combinability make this accessory an eternal companion of your wardrobe.

Products made of Chiengora® are, as often with other precious hair, a hairy affair in the beginning. Don't worry - we have you covered! We provide you with an ecological lint brush, so you don't have to worry about that.

Care: Hand wash