Fluff - 50 grams


Fluff is probably the fluffiest yarn you've ever been able to hold in your hand. Whether as a cozy cardigan or fluffy gloves, Fluff loves to keep you warm even in freezing temperatures. 

  • Material composition: 70% Chiengora, 30% alpaca from German alpaca farms 
  • Run length: 85-120 m depending on the color
  • Size: 50 grams
  • 100% Made in Germany 
  • Care instructions: wash the finished knitted fabric by hand with wool detergent after completion


Although the knitted result looks fluffy, does it suddenly poke in one place? This is due to the fact that not every grain hair was cleaned out in the production process. These are the coarse outer hairs of dogs. You can easily fix the prick yourself by looking for the spot and looking for a little coarser hair. You can then just pull that out and the prick is gone.



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