Fluff - 50 grams

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✓ our superfluffy yarn

✓ made in Germany from fiber to production

✓ natural undyed in 3 colors

✓ needle size 5-6 | run length 85-120 m depending on color

Fluff is probably the fluffiest yarn you've ever had the pleasure of holding in your hand. Whether as a cozy cardigan or fluffy mittens, Fluff loves to keep you warm even in freezing temperatures.

Material composition: 70% Chiengora®, 30% alpaca from German alpaca farms.

Our alpaca comes from German alpaca farms that lovingly keep their alpacas. Often we "rescue" the alpaca wool from the attic, because the owners do not know what to do with the fleece. So we pay a lot of attention to the attitude and know all personally!

Care: Hand wash

// radically transparent
We believe that sustainability goes hand in hand with transparency. We want to show you what it means to produce 100% in Germany and how much work and appreciation went into your purchased ball of wool

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