Knitting set: The Berlin Beanie

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✓ super light knit

✓ cap fluffs up more and more with time

✓ undyed, available in natural beige and gray

✓ made regionally in Germany from fiber to manufacturing

✓ knitting kit includes yarn & digital instructions

Did you know that we don't dye our yarns but work with the natural colors of the wool we use? This way we can save nasty chemicals and lots of water!

Material composition Paw: 40% Chiengora®, 30% Alpaca from German alpaca farms, 30% Merino from Germany

Material composition Pure: 100% Chiengora®.

Since we don't want to use unnecessary paper, you will receive the knitting pattern as a digital PDF for download. So you can decide for yourself if you want to read the knitting pattern printed or in digital form! If something doesn't work out, feel free to contact us at

Care: Hand wash