We question the existing system of the textile chain and start with a change in the system with the procurement of raw materials.

Our mission is to establish an animal-ethical and social crowdsourcing network and thus a systemic innovation.

For us, animal-ethical means that no animal is put into the world for our raw material. We use existing resources.

Through our decentralized procurement logistics, we manage to make payments not only to major customers but to potentially every household in which a relevant dog lives. For us, that means social.

We provide proof that our innovative way of sourcing raw materials in industrially relevant quantities is possible. Part of this work is the sensitization and education of the raw material suppliers within our society.

We are relocating an important part of the value chain back to Europe and creating transparency and understanding for the textile chain.

For us, working innovatively means that research and development are central guiding principles of our daily work.

By establishing our yarn qualities on the market, we sensitize the end customer to the acceptance of our raw material in various sales markets.

We break rules, just do it and are with it Inspiration for players throughout the textile chain.


Our vision is to create products that have an appreciation for people in their DNA.

YarnSustain creates this uniquely in the textile chain with a crowdsourcing system which starts at the very beginning of the textile chain: with the raw material.

Unique to us, people from society are part of the raw material gain.

Ultimately, we can fundamentally change the system of the textile chain. Towards more feeling and true resource efficiency.

We set standards in terms of resource efficiency.

This resource efficiency is based on 3 essential pillars:

The use of a previously unused resource according to the grave to cradle principle. The design of the entire production chain with a focus on resource efficiency and the guaranteed recyclability of the yarns we produce.

We are the only ones who are able to make previously unused but high-quality resources available to the yarn market and thus create a diversification of the raw materials used in the textile market.

We fix system errors within the textile industry and thus create unique regional and authentically sustainable products.