Radically Transparent?

Yes - for this reason we show the exact costs for each individual product. Sustainability and regional, fair production has elevated cost. And we want to show you exactly how much appreciation and love went into the products!

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1. Sourcing


Our Chiengora® is collected by dog ​​owners, breeders and dog salons mainly in Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland or Spain during the change of coat. Combing the animals is part of grooming a long-haired dog and needs to be done one way or another. What is normally thrown away by the keeper after combing is now collected for the Rostoffe-Retten Association and sent in with the help of a free shipping note generator. Through the shipment, the cpllector can support a selected animal welfare organization. We can proudly say that we are working with a raw material with a CO2 balance of 0, because it is a purely by-product of grooming.

More info on the association website: www.rohstoffe-retten.com

2. Yarn Production

We are committed to resource efficiency and regionality. For this reason, we focus on keeping every production step in Germany or Europe as far as possible. This is also reflected in our prices - because we pay fair, German wages and production costs, as well as the associated CO2 taxation. If we were to go abroad, our products would be cheaper, but the real price that the earth and future generations will pay, but significantly higher.

Hand Knitting Yarn

Our hand knitting yarn is 100% washed and spun in Germany.

Industrial Yarn

Our industrial yarn is washed in Germany. It is then moved to Italy for spinning.

3. Logistic

We can't just call New Zealand and order 23.5 tons of wool. Our logistics are probably the core of the company, because they are incredibly complex and cost-intensive. Each individual dog owner sends us their wool in a package, for which we pay for the shipping. In our warehouse, we process every single package, sort the content and prepare it for the next production steps.

We work with DHL Go Green for the free shipping label. In addition, we are already developing circular packaging in the background in order to minimize the amount of package waste

// How we save water and and avoid bad chemical agents

Our hand knitting yarns are not dyed. All shades are created in such a way that we mix different natural fur colors. In this way we can save nasty chemicals and a lot of water that are needed in the dyeing process! In addition, our yarn cannot cause allergies caused by dyes. It's completely natural!

// How we wash the undercoat

Our Chiengora is washed in Germany! The fiber is cleaned hot and thoroughly so that all odorous substances, as well as tick remedies and allergens are removed. Because we wash in Germany, we can of course work to the highest standard of German wastewater laws and thus guarantee thorough, but pollutant-free cleaning.