Tips and tricks

Collect undercoat?

Tips & Tricks 

the storage

It doesn't matter whether you store the combed dog wool in a paper bag or in an airy net. The main thing is not in plastic bags!

Dry, airy storage is therefore important. You are also welcome to add lavender or the like.

the Combing out the wool

Any undercoat can be sent in as long as it is combed out! We cannot use the shearing of the animals.

Cut and felted wool is sorted out and not weighed! Please throw this wool directly into the trash or leave it to the birds for nest building.

the ideal Period

Sure, fur noses do not change every month. Nevertheless, we love to take care of them and keep them clean. Everyone has their own rituals for grooming. But every bit of combed wool can be collected. It is only important that the brushed undercoat is not collected when it is wet.



The wool we collect is cleaned several times in the spinning mill before it is spun. So you have to have your combed out wool do not wash before sending.It is of course important that the wool is sent to us without coarse dirt such as whole clods of earth or the like.