So it works 


1. Maintain

You love your dog and the annual undercoat comes out in abundance - have you always wondered why you have to throw it away? This has an end now! Regularly combing out your four-legged friend now makes even more sense than just making them happy and caring for them.

2. Collect

Collect the combed, dry undercoat loosely in paper bags until you have collected at least 500g. Pack everything tightly in a box and weigh it. 

3. The shipping label

Now you go up "Collect & sell undercoat". Enter all information in the form. Then you click on " put in shopping cart".

Once in the shopping cart, you click on "CheckoutAs you can see, you will not be charged any costs! 

On the next page you have your address and yours e-mail on - to which the label should be sent. 

It continues with shipping. This is of course free - because you will receive the shipping label by email. 

On the next page you just go to "Pay now". 

Whew - now you did it! The label will now be sent to the specified email address. 

 4. Submit 

All you have to do is print out the label that you received by email and stick it on the package. Then you can send the package to the post office and it will be sent safely to us. 

 5. This is how much money you get

We pay out between 15-45 € per kilo of raw wool. Depending on how high the quality is and how long you've been part of the network.

6. Paying off your credit

We always transfer you at the end of each month your credit to the account you specified in our form. 

7. Which breeds of dogs can donate?

 Since we only collect the undercoat and not the top hair, we do not take any clipping! But everyone can participate if the undercoat can be combed out! Both breeds and mixed breed dogs - everyone is welcome to our network!