modus intarsia

modus intarsia developed and produces high quality yarns and products made from the brushed out undercoat of dogs. The yarns with the highest quality standards they developed are called Chiengora® and Chiencell.

Sustainability has never been this soft.

The yarn itself is comparable to other fine fibers like Cashmere, Angora or Mohair coming from animals bred for the purpose of growing such wools. Our yarns on the other hand are a by-product of caring for pets. We see the brushing of pets rather as a sign of good treatment. No single animal is or will ever be bred for the purpose of our yarn.

Products of Highest Quality

Products made from Chiengora® or Chiencell are of the highest quality. They are thoroughly cleaned, extremely soft and unbelievably warm. If you are a lover of fine wools, our products will be your next favourite thing.


We have the highest standards, not only in quality but also in aesthetics. We showcase that our products, which are as sustainable as it gets, can just as well be highly aesthetic. To make sure that no designer should have to decide between aesthetics and sustainability, we will collaborate with a number of well known designers and brands.

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