Our story

yarnsustain Co-Gründerinnen Franziska Uhl & Ann Cathrin Schönrock

the idea

The idea was born when Ann Cathrin observed that her mother kept the combed out undercoat when caring for the two long-haired four-legged friends, as it was “just too good to throw away”. As a sustainability-oriented knitting designer, she immediately asked herself whether it couldn't be spun into yarn and why no one had ever done that before.

It was easy to find out that spinning dog wool has a very long and old tradition - but why does nobody make it accessible to the general public these days?

This is how the journey of research and network building began. When she had the first yarn in her hands a few months later, she wanted to make sure that her idea was not completely wrong, so she consulted with Franziska, a budding textile engineer, and told them about the idea of implementation. The two had found each other through the textile and sustainability scene in the digital world.

the team

That the idea was anything but pointless, perhaps shows that Franziska is now on the team as a co-founder. In August 2020 they founded YarnSustain Schönrock Uhl GmbH.

In addition to the original hand-knitting yarn, there is now also a specially developed industrial yarn that you want to make available to the fashion industry as an authentically sustainable yarn alternative. 

the vision

Our vision is to diversify the yarn market, starting with Chiengora - dog wool. A resource that already exists and is currently thrown away. We are convinced that we live in a time when we can no longer afford to waste valuable resources on earth. 

the network

But how do we get the combed out undercoat? Quite simple, one would think. In fact, it's pretty complicated and based on long-term trust: we build Network of canine undercoat collectorsthat is organized in such a way that everyone benefits from it. Because the dogs also benefit from it. 

Together with all the millions of dog owners out there, we can save a valuable resource and thus have an authentically sustainable impact on the fashion industry. 

Better Together

Curious? On Instagram and Facebook you will find insights into our journey as a young textile start-up. If you have any questions or want to work with us, write to us at hello@modusintarsia.com