Anyone who sent us wool before June 2020 will be processed according to the old conditions. The following rule applies to new members of the network who send us wool from June 2020. 

There are 2 different levels in which we divide the dog wool sent in. In doing so, we focus primarily on the fineness and quality of the fleece. We researched it for a long time and developed this classification based on scientific values.

1st stage:

Dogs with very coarse hair | 15 € / kg

2nd stage:

Dogs with a fine undercoat | 20 € / kg

Good to know

With your first submission you are a member of the network. 

The longer you are a member of the network, the more money per kilo you will receive from us: 

Every additional year of membership in which you send us wool, you will receive € 5 more per kilo of wool.

This can be increased up to a maximum of 40 € / kilo for level 1 and 45 € / kilo for level 2. 

An example:

In autumn 2020 you send us 1 kg of fine undercoat of the highest quality and receive € 20 in return. The following year you send us another 1 kg of wool. Now you get 25 € for your kilo. After 5 years of regular submission you will then receive 45 € for your kilo of raw wool.

Animal shelters and dog salons are exempt from this rule. To this

We pay institutions the following lump sums:

Animal shelter: 5 € / kg


Groomers / dog salons

Do you have a dog salon or do you work as a freelance groomer? Then the following is possible:

1. You collect the wool of your customers separately according to race, and send in the fleece as soon as you have collected 500 grams per breed. Please note which wool comes from which breed. You can enclose our normal flyer and leave out the field about the personal information about the dog.

2. You collect the wool mixed and send us the wool from 1 kg. Here we pay a flat rate of 10 € / kg. You can print out, fill in and enclose our flyer for dog salons here.