Collect Dogs Winter Coat, Earn Money With It While Doing Good!







What if we told you there was a raw material like cashmere which could be used. 500 tons and more?

But it’s not used, in fact it’s thrown into the trash.

What if we told you this wool was among us? That the source of this wool is found in our own homes.

What if we told you this lush raw material came from dogs?


An estimate of more than 80 Tons of dog wool are only thrown away in Germany each year ! In Europe we are talking about 500 Tons! 


We want to change that! We collect the brushed out undercoat of dogs to produce high quality yarn out of it.


You are a dog owner and want to join us ? See the information below




And this is how it works :

Every Country in europe has its own collection address.

Collect the fluff, fill out our flyer and send it to the address in your country.


No address given for your country? Just drop us a message: