We can guarantee that only wool from your fur nose has been used, but only if it is a custom-made product.

This is how it works 


You send us approx. 650g of the combed out undercoat. We need at least that much! 


The raw wool loses weight through cleaning, carding, sorting and spinning. That's why we have to add a tiny amount of a) merino wool from Germany or b) alpaca wool from Germany. You can of course decide for yourself what you would like to have with you and what color the alpaca should be. Merino is always white.


We guarantee that you will get back at least 350g of finished, beautiful knitting wool. The duration is between 3-5 months - depending on how many other orders we are currently processing. 


This custom-made product naturally costs us more effort and is more expensive for us than if we spin 50kg at once. You should be aware that you have to take off the entire amount of at least 500 grams again.




Write to us hello@modusintarsia.com for more details! You will then have an incomparable souvenir of the fur nose / n. It stays forever! We have already been able to fulfill this wish of many owners.