1. Do I smell like a wet dog when the wool gets wet?
The simple answer is no. Both our hand knit and industrial yarn are carefully cleaned and are odorless. If you should ever have the impression that one of our products "smells", then contact us immediately!
2. How exactly do you get your raw material? Are dogs tortured or killed for this?
Chiengora - the combed out undercoat of dogs is a by-product of the grooming of long-haired dog breeds. So no: no animal is tortured or killed for it. The animals have to be combed out regularly either way. So far, the undercoat that is combed out here has been disposed of with household waste and we want to change that. Together with a large number of dog owners, breeders and salons, we can save this valuable resource from the bin!
3. My dog is shorn 2-3 times a year - why can't I collect or send the wool?
Unfortunately we can only work with the combed out undercoat, but not with the coarse top coat of the animals. Since the shear mostly consists almost exclusively of coarse outer hair, we unfortunately cannot use it. This also applies to shearing poodles!
4. What exactly happens to the wool after I send it to you?
First of all, we weigh the wool and prepare your credit or donation. Then the wool is sorted in our warehouse and sent to the laundry. Then it comes either to one of our natural fiber mills in Germany, where the hand knitting yarn is produced, or to Italy, where our industrial yarn is spun.
5. What about pet hair allergies?
Animal hair allergy is not caused by the fur of the animal but by dander, spit or other contamination on the fur of the animal. This contamination is eliminated in the cleaning process. Are you allergic to animal hair and not sure whether you can take our products? Just write us a short email!
6. Do I get a confirmation when my package has arrived?
Unfortunately, we don't always make it. Please wait until the end of the month, because when you receive your credit, you know whether your package has arrived safely with us. We are working on a solution here so that you can get in touch immediately!
7. How can I join you?
Very simple: collect your dog's combed undercoat until you have collected at least 500 grams. Use our form to order a shipping label free of charge and send the wool to us with it! We will check it and at the end of the month we can transfer you a credit for your wool.
8. How should I best store the wool until I send it to you?
It is best to store the wool loosely in a cardboard box, an old duvet cover or a paper bag. It is important that it is not stored in plastic! Please collect at least 500 grams until you send us the fleece!
9. How much do I get for my wool?
We have our conditions here in detail: Conditions for wool described.
10. Do you also take mixed-breed wool
Yes sure! We take the undercoat from each breed, with which the fleece can be combed out! Also from half-breeds.
11. Why is my fluffy, self-knitted hat piquing in one place?
This is due to the fact that not every grain hair was cleaned out in the production process. These are the coarse outer hairs of dogs. You can easily fix the prick yourself by looking for the spot and looking for a little coarser hair. You can then just pull that out and the prick is gone.
12. I have three dogs of different breeds. Do I have to collect the undercoat separately?
Yes. It is best to collect the wool from the animals separately and send us the fleece when you have collected at least 500 grams per breed!
13. Do you also collect the combed out undercoat from cats?
Yes. We are currently testing it out. So just collect it and send it to us as usual from 500 grams!