Imagine that thousands of tons of a valuable and high-quality raw material are thrown away every year and nobody changes anything about it - that's what happens with Chiengora® and we want to change that!

Chiengora® is the name given to the combed out undercoat of dogs, which is a by-product of grooming during the nasal shedding process.

It is wool that is 100% animal friendly and ethically sourced:

Millions of dog owners lovingly and regularly groom their dog in the coat change and thereby the fluffy undercoat comes out. Normally this undercoat is then simply disposed of in the household waste. Or even worse - left for the birds to build their nests, which means the death of many young birds that strangle themselves with it.

Chiengora® is soft and fluffy like cashmere or angora, is combed out in quantities of thousands of tons in Europe alone and is a by-product of fur care. So no animal has to be specially bred or brought into the world for it.

When we realized this, it quickly became clear that we have to use this raw material and save it from the dustbin!

We live in a time in which we can no longer afford to lose valuable resources!

Why do we import animal fibers for the textile industry from the other end of the world to Europe? Why are animals bred and tortured when we have fluffy soft wool right at our doorstep - which, by the ways, is free of any kind of animal-cruelty!

So our Chiengora® is collected with the help of a network of loving breeders, private dog owners and dog salons who do one thing differently: during regular grooming the undercoat is no longer thrown away but saved from the garbage can and collected for us.

For each package of undercoat sent in, a donation is made to animal welfare. The whole thing runs through our association modus intarsia e.V. ( in formation ). This way we can guarantee that dog wool will never become a victim of a cruel and capitalistic market, but can always be procured in an animal-ethical and animal-friendly way.

So we can guarantee that products from our Chiengora® can be worn in good conscience. Somebody even calls them "vegan".

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