Yarn // Wool from own pet

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You pay 100€ and after completion of the yarn we will contact you with the remaining amount! ( Calculation example see below)

Your knitting wool from your dearest fluffy nose. Collect the undercoat from your darling and send the package free of charge to us. Here you can order your shipping label.

Minimum quantity to be sent: 650g

The entire quantity sent in must be accepted as a finished product

...This may vary depending on the quality of the wool sent in.


With a quantity of 650 grams of underwool, we have in the end, depending on the quality of the underwool, in about 10 balls of yarn á 50 grams. With 1 kg of undercoat, we end up with about 20 balls of yarn á 50 grams.

The price is 18,50€ plus VAT per finished 50 gram ball. I.e.: 10 balls cost 185€ + 35,15 VAT. Of this you have already paid 100€. The other 120,10€ will be invoiced to you upon completion.

Unfortunately, we can only give you more exact prices after the yarn is finished.

10 balls of yarn are enough for a knitted sweater or a hat.

The delivery time is about 3 -4 months.

You want to have a finished sweater or hat and scarf directly from the knitting wool?

Choose a model here.

Put the chosen model additionally into the shopping cart. The costs refer only to the pure knitting costs.

We spin the yarn and then commission one of our great hand knitters to make your selected model.

Please note that the production of the yarn will be charged additionally to the knitting costs.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please feel free to contact us:

+49 1575 9130214 / franzi@modusintarsia.com

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