emma // 100 grams

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✓ Available in 3 colors

✓ 40% dog wool, 60% German Sheepwool

✓ Run length approx. 350 m

✓ Size: 100 grams, needle size 4

Like the dog Emma, our idea giver Ann Cathrin, this wool quality with 60% German Merino and fine Chiengora is our robust quality. It fluffs less and is ideal for socks or hats.

300 grams are enough for a sweater.

// Our German virgin wool comes from German shepherds who keep their sheep not for wool but landscape care. No mulesing, no overbreeding and no animal suffering. We regularly drive by everywhere and additionally convince ourselves of the welfare of all our raw material suppliers. We buy this virgin wool from the shepherds above market price to generate an appreciation for the raw material again!

Although the knitted result looks fluffy, it suddenly pricks in one place? This is because in the production process probably not every granular hair was cleaned out. These are the coarse hairs of the dogs. You can easily fix the pricking yourself by searching for the spot and looking for a coarser hair. You can then simply pull it out and the pricking is gone.

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