We have already heard everything "Do you torture dogs so that you can get the dog's wool." "Are the dogs sheared?" "Yes, tell me, why do you degrade the dog to a farm animal?" Let us do away with these assumptions once and for all. 


We only work with the combed out undercoat of long-haired dog breeds. This means that none of the animals is sheared but carefully combed out. Combing the animals is part of the compulsory grooming of almost all dog breeds and probably every dog owner is familiar with it. With some breeds of dogs, the undercoat falls on, with some you comb out without ever combing out the fluff:  

The condition 

Not all, but some dog breeds, have double coats. This means that the fur is divided into the somewhat more stable and coarser outer hair and the fine undercoat.

 The top hair is supposed to protect the animal from environmental influences, the fine undercoat has a climate-regulating effect. Dogs with such a coat change it at least twice a year.

The combing out

In order to support the process and to keep the coat and the animal healthy, the dog's coat is regularly brushed with fine combs.

The falling out undercoat is combed out. 

How do the dogs find that? 

The animals are combed out regularly. The animals know that, many enjoy the process and even fall asleep. 

 How often do the animals lose their undercoat? 

It's not that easy to answer. Some twice a year, others constantly, others orientate themselves towards the climate. 

For us, the owners of dogs with undercoat only do one thing differently: instead of throwing away the combed out undercoat that is produced when combing the animals, they collect it for us. 


Are you a dog owner and want to participate? Simply collect wool until you have at least 500 grams, enter all the information in our shipping form, request a free label and send us the wool! 





November 23, 2020 — Franziska Uhl
Tags: Knowledge