Imagine 80 tons of a valuable resource would be thrown away every yeareven though we couldn't afford it nowadays?  This is what happens to Chiengora and we want to change that! 

In Germany alone, more than 80 tons of high-quality undercoat from dogs are disposed of in household waste every year. The undercoat of dogs, called Chiengora, is just as soft and of high quality as the well-known mohair, alpaca, cashmere or angora. The difference is that Chiengora is a by-product of grooming and no animals have to be kept or bred for it.

We collect this valuable raw material through a network of dog lovers, breeders, dog salons and animal shelters. We know every single owner and can guarantee that the raw material for our yarn comes from animals that are not bred for it, but are simply a by-product of grooming. 




Our other wants

Our wool is mixed with alpaca or merino in various percentages. In this way, we can adapt the properties, the feel and the quality of the products precisely to the needs of our knitters!

We receive our Chiengora through our wonderful network of collectors, which consists of loving dog owners and carers. But what about the other wool?

We source our alpaca wool from Alpaca Island in Hohenbucko. Marlene and Mathias take care of the animals there. They even set up a small sanctuary and know all of their animals by name.

We are more than happy to be able to work with such a great partner and to assure you personally that our alpaca wool comes from happy animals regionally.