The dog's coat feels somehow dull and weak, and there are always massive problems when changing coat. The four-legged friend also has scales. And first the itching ... does that have to be the case? Is that just normal?

No, it definitely isn't!

If there is no organic damage, other diseases or parasites, then you just have to be more specific about dog food

look at. This is often the reason for poor fur and itchy skin.

Because: if the body does not have an adequate supply of minerals, it takes the minerals it needs from its reserves. I.e. from his hair, skin and bones. And that should never be the case for a long period of time!

The body can compensate for the mineral deficiency for a few weeks, months, in some cases years, and compensate for it externally. At some point, however, the reserves are exhausted and it manifests itself in such a way that people become aware of it.

Many then try to bring the coat back into shape with special products or individual vitamin preparations. But the cause is a very essential one: the food. Not only humans are what they eat. This also applies exactly to our four-legged friends.

If you don't make major changes to the dog's food / diet, you will only treat a few symptoms, but not the real cause of the problem. As an example: if you have cut yourself deeply and violently with a knife, then it might help to take a painkiller against the pain, the symptom, but someone should still disinfect and sew the wound, i.e. fix the cause of the problem. Otherwise it will get worse and worse and at some point the pain pill will no longer help ...

A good diet that meets your needs does not actually need any additives, no food supplements at all times.

Food, which offers all the minerals and vitamins for our four-legged friends, automatically leads to a reduction in all fur problems. Please give the body a few weeks here. Natural feed takes time. Like everything in nature. We humans always want to have everything in order as quickly as possible, so we put a few tablets in the dog and we don't see any improvement after 2 days. But it doesn't help holistically in the long term.

As soon as, for example, we urge plants to grow faster with chemical fertilizers so that we can finally harvest faster and more often, the plants do not have time to absorb all the nutrients from the soil. So we reached our goal quickly, but actually, if you are honest, we did not achieve a good and satisfactory result.

In my experience as a dog food consultant, I have found that most dogs (and of course cats) can see serious improvements in just 4 weeks after switching to a more natural food. For some it takes up to 3 months, but the body needs that. In many dogs, this mineral deficiency occurs over the years - which is why it takes time for the body to refuel all of its reserves.

One should not underestimate the power of nature and the self-healing powers that go with it, not even today. A feed containing balanced minerals, vitamins and trace elements, carefully prepared so that the raw materials can retain their good properties and without chemical additives, brings our animals back into balance.

You will notice that the fur becomes more resilient, grippier, denser and even smells better. The balance of the skin - not too greasy and not too dry - comes back and skin irritation, bald spots and agonizing itching disappear.

Please do not be confused by the glossy dog food advertising, just because someone is known and represented in every supermarket, doesn't mean they have to produce good food for your animals. Find out about good alternatives. We are happy to help you here. We have created a page that is updated regularly (we are always looking for good food), on which you will only find food listed that you can feed your four-legged friend with a clear conscience.

If you have any questions, please contact me, we will advise you individually and free of charge!


Your Andrea and her pack


About Andrea 

With Andrea everything turned out a little different than planned. After studying geography and doing a normal "office job" in the pharmaceutical industry, she finally came to self-employment with a pack of huskies and her partner Steve. With 19 huskies there were many events such as husky hikes, children's birthdays or company outings. 

In addition, the two automatically continued to educate themselves in terms of food and healthy dog nutrition. The pack consisted for the most part of dogs that nobody wanted anymore from all over Germany and Austria - a colorful bunch with different genetic conditions and previous histories. 

So a lot of practical experience came together with theoretical knowledge and more and more food advice from small and large dogs all over Europe.

After the pack got older and older, Andrea and Steve now shifted their main focus to the healthy nutrition of our four-legged friends and offer individual free nutritional advice for small and large dogs and cats.





November 23, 2020 — Franziska Uhl
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