Dog owners with light or white four-legged friends often ask themselves the question: do I have to give food without carrots so that my dog stays nice and white? There is a very clear answer here: no - you can continue to feed carrots.

The beta-carotene is never stored in the hair (neither with us nor with the dogs). But - you can see it quite well with babies and the carrot mash - in the skin. And to bring out orange skin you would have to feed your dog an excessive amount of carrots. And it should rather have meat in the feed as the main meal (whether in dry or wet food).

Why is the fur colored at all? 

If fur changes color, there are usually other reasons:

Quite often this is caused by saliva or tear fluid. Take a look at the discolored areas to see whether the four-legged friend is licking more and what this could be (parasites? Food intolerance? Obsessive-compulsive disorder?). The so-called are responsible for the coloring Porphyrins in the body fluids.

A very slow change of coat can also be to blame for unsightly hair tip discoloration or general difficulties in changing coat. Gentle brushing helps, good minerals through the food (anyway the A&O), but there are also great herbal mixtures that help the dog a little under the paws during the coat change time.

Sometimes the coat color changes with increasing age and with a change in the natural hormone balance and there is absolutely no other reason than genetics that are playing tricks on you. Even if these discolorations are perhaps “undesirable” or “unsightly”, they belong to your dog as well as to us the crooked toe, the protruding ears or the tight calves.

Therefore: Carrots and other vegetables containing carotene are delicious and healthy and you can safely feed them. And don't worry: in order to color the skin orange, your dog would have to swallow a few hundred grams a day. 😉


Your Andrea

About Andrea 

With Andrea everything turned out a little different than planned. After studying geography and doing a normal "office job" in the pharmaceutical industry, she finally came to self-employment with a pack of huskies and her partner Steve. With 19 huskies there were many events such as husky hikes, children's birthdays or company outings. 

In addition, the two automatically continued to educate themselves in terms of food and healthy dog nutrition. The pack consisted for the most part of dogs that nobody wanted anymore from all over Germany and Austria - a colorful bunch with different genetic conditions and previous histories. 

So a lot of practical experience came together with theoretical knowledge and more and more food advice from small and large dogs all over Europe.

After the pack got older and older, Andrea and Steve now shifted their main focus to the healthy nutrition of our four-legged friends and offer individual free nutritional advice for small and large dogs and cats.

February 09, 2021 — Franziska Uhl
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