Thousands of tons of combed-out undercoat from dogs are thrown away every year as a by-product of pet care. We developed high-quality Chiengora® out of it - regional, resource-friendly and fluffy soft.


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customer reviews
customer reviews
Dear knitters out there, you have to try this! It feels like a combination of cotton, mohair and silk.
— Milena @milenapauliina
customer reviews
"(...) I can say, however, that the beanie feels 1:1 like cashmere, is insanely high-quality and keeps you just as warm."
— Alex for
customer reviews
My new favorite beanie!
— Julia @juloxyy
customer reviews
By the way, it is just as cozy and warm as it looks and just feels good, cashmere can pack. Really. And when it comes to sustainability, there's hardly a better knit option.
— Marie, @mariejohnson
customer reviews
Dogs Angora! I feel from now on like a feathery snowflake with the fluffiest hat in the world on my head! This is like Angora only without animal suffering
— Sophia Hoffmann // Chef, author, activist
customer reviews
Cuddly soft and as a vegan the only justifiable animal fiber for me.
— Corinna @kissenundkarma
customer reviews
It's as fluffy as angora, but without the cruelty.
And before you ask, I got caught in the rain wearing it the other day and I did NOT smell like a wet dog afterwards
— Caroline @carolinefrett

We set new standards in supply chain transparency and regionality.

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